Cattleya Chardonnay: The Exquisite 2021 Vintage

Cattleya Chardonnay
The Exquisite 2021 Vintage

As we transition into Spring and warm weather wines that pair well with outdoors and time spent with friends, I am reminded of the many beautiful white wines I’ve sipped and savored over the years as both a consumer and winemaker. In fact, some of the most amazing wines I’ve experienced have been white wines. There’s just something special about a well-made white wine and something so stimulating and challenging about making our two new spring-release Chardonnays in particular.

The Making of Cattleya Chardonnay

The grapes for our Cattleya Chardonnay are harvested at night, delivered to the winery in the early hours of the morning, and completely hand sorted. One of my favorite things to do is taste the berries as they pass through our sorting table where we remove any leaves or undesired clusters before the grapes go to the press.

Gentle pressing of the grapes is one of the most important moments in white winemaking. For Cattleya wines, each vineyard and clone has its own press program. I am always present during this process because it’s at this time that we preserve the acidity while avoiding the potential extraction of bitterness from the stems or seeds. Free-run juice is meticulously separated by taste, then settled overnight in stainless steel tanks before being transferred to barrels for native and malolactic fermentation. The wines are then aged in French oak over a period of months, then bottled unfined and unfiltered.

Two Unique Expressions of the Sonoma Coast now available

Cuvée Number Five Chardonnay Sonoma Coast 2021 Our classic blend of blocks and vineyards showcasing the freshness and influence of the Sonoma Coast.


These two wines—in their own unique ways—showcase the magnificence of the Sonoma Coast, revealing the influence of the ocean’s proximity.

My hope is that all our single vineyard/block wines can age for decades offering you something memorable at each stage of maturity. Whether pairing a bottle with a light spring dish or just splashing it into a glass to enjoy on the patio, Cattleya Chardonnay is a delightful way to welcome the hope of Spring.


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