Cattleya 2021 Collection Release

Greetings from Sonoma Wine Country!

I am very pleased to announce the official release of the 2021 vintage of Cattleya The TemptressBelly of the Whale, and The Initiation. Also included is the first vintage of the The Goddess—this wine represents my journey back to the hillside vineyards of the West Sonoma Coast.

About the Vintage: Winemakers have long enjoyed the nearly ideal conditions of California. When in perfect harmony, our weather and geography can produce stunning wines. I work with high-elevation sites, rocky terrain, and soils that drain well. These sites receive rainfall during the winter months and are dry during the summer months. The summer sunshine with warm days and cool nights brings depth of complexity and the omnipresent cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean retain freshness and acidity. Changes in the climate and natural disasters have challenged this utopia in recent years. In 2021, utopia returned to Northern California.

About the Wines: Over the last eleven vintages, I have revealed insights about myself through Cattleya. Just as we all have journeys in life, these wines embody many of mine. I developed an interest in becoming a winemaker as a teenager (while living in Colombia). I then embarked on a journey to France to commence my winemaking training—before speaking any French. In France and other stunning parts of the world, I discovered opportunities to work with incredible mentors.

My time as a travelling winemaker introduced me to California, where I ultimately decided to settle and start a family. What I haven’t revealed is that I am a closet philosopher with a bohemian spirit. In recent years I have become more reflective about my life’s journey and the parallels with winemaking—the trials and tribulations, the nuances, the uncertainties, the adventure. I’ve long been a fan of mythic adventure tales that are relatable to real life, and in particular The Hero’s Journey by American writer Joseph Campbell. This inspired the naming of each Collection wine. Each bottling captures something personal for me, but also connects to a broader audience through the fantasy of the many stages of a Hero’s Journey. It is my pleasure to share this journey and explore your own by tasting and learning about these wines.

With must gratitude, thank you so much for your continuing support. I hope you will love every drop of wine from your glass. Cheers!

All the best,

Founder & Winemaker, Cattleya Wines

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